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Jurassic Park, The Game Trailer


Check out the Jurassic Park, The Game Trailer and let us know what you think about it. Is it to late to create a game for these classic movies? Is Spielberg planning on releasing another sequel? Telltale has absolutely done a great job... Read more

First Apollo 18 Trailer


We have only previously had the Viral Preview Clip to watch from Apollo 18 but today the unknown production company (for us atleast) Bekmambetov Projects Ltd released a full official trailer . With an estimate budget of only $5,000,000... Read more

Second Thor Trailer


Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios have just unveiled the second theatrical trailer for Thor, which features star Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Anthony Hopkins and some big monsters from the Ice Giant’s planet. There's a... Read more

2011 Oscar Nominations: ALL the Trailers


We have compiled a list of ALL the movies that are nominated for the Oscar's 2011 so you can watch the trailers and check out the posters. Make sure not to miss the 83rd Annual Academy Awards – February 27, 2011!! If you want to buy the... Read more

Top 15 Super Bowl Movie Clips


Congrats to Green Bay for the Super Bowl title tonight! Cool to see the smallest city with a pro team win the huge Super Bowl! But this is not a sport site, so why are we even bothering with Super Bowl? Movie Clips shown at the event of... Read more

Open Season 3 Trailer Released


Today we have got our hands on the animated movie Open Season 3's first trailer. Open Season 3 is released on cinema the 25th January, so you don't have to wait that long to watch it! This sequal is the third in row from Sony Pictures, and it... Read more

Red Skull Concept Art Leaked?


The Captain America: The First Avenger production has been extremely... let me reiterate that, extremely tight on releasing or "let leak" man aspects of the movie, including the charater designs, concept art, and a detailed look at the... Read more

Season of the Witch Hits Theaters


It's the first official weekend of the year and it's another oddball. Only one new wide release hits theaters this weekend; Nic Cage's Season of the Witch . The movie wasn't screened for critics, and stars yet another weird hairdo... Read more

Viggo Mortensen & Javier Bardem - The Dark Tower Cast


The NY Post is running the rumor mill on who will be Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower . Ron Howard will be helming the movies, of which the lead is looking to be Viggo Mortensen or Javier Bardem . There is also a TV series... Read more

Quentin Tarantino's Top Movies of 2010


Quentin Tarantino has released his favorites movies of 2010 via The Tarantino Archives . You can check out the list for youself below, but before you do, there are some noteable surprises. Knight and Day and Robin Hood made... Read more

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